The Drool Test 

What you are about to learn is an unscientific yet strangely accurate test of love. I call it the drool test. You see, I rarely get sick or have to lay down to take a nap. As a woman on the move I often find it very annoying when people take naps. In His usual, humorous manner, God showed me how "normal" humans feel. He blessed me with wicked hayfever complete with burning eyes, scratchy throat, stuffy… Read more

How To Get Married 3 Times By The Age of 32 Without Really Trying 

It takes being married three times by the age of 32 to cause one to have a little bit to say about love. I am often asked how I managed to marry three times in such a short amount of time. Never am I sure if I should be insulted, amused or annoyed by that question, but I usually find myself amused. My response sounds something like, "You got me. I don't know."… Read more

All By My Selfie 

I am amazed at how many selfies there are online. The main picture on my homepage is a selfie.  My first, to be exact. Though selfies have been happening since the early years of photography, the recent advent of sharing the selfie with the virtual world is a rather new and unusual phenom.  Somehow, someway it is a result of cultural influences of the 1980s. I am sure of it. The bangs. The leg warmers. Some level of… Read more

Life On Auto-Tune? 

Auto-tune is the plastic surgery of the music world. It makes things pretty, but is it real? Have you been to a live concert of a big act only to find the live performance sounds very little like the album you downloaded? It becomes clear the artist nipped and tucked his or her own voice to be something it isn't. For good or ill, the artist deprives us of his or her true self. This creates an unsatisfying experience… Read more

Peace Like A River 

Two rivers of tears rush down my cheeks as I write. Tomorrow is his birthday. He would have been forty-three.I was a young woman in my early twenties, kneeling on the floor of a bathroom stall pouring the agony of my heart out to God, pleading for strength to let go of the greatest love I had ever known.  My young husband, attached to "life" support, lay in a bed at the end of the ICU hallway. Our precious… Read more

World Peace and Ear Plugs 

In terms of world peace, John Lennon had it right when he suggested that all we need is love.  Before world peace is possible we have to achieve peace in our individual worlds. I looked at my own world for solutions.  I homeschool my four bouncy, musical, noisy kids.  I gave birth to the youngest three in about a two-and-a-half years. Silence is rare and golden.  If you want to make the musician in your life… Read more

Of Love, Rice Pudding, and Men 

Who knew that rice pudding would make his eyes light up like that?  Texas, my husband, friend, companion and lover, has never expressed his love of rice pudding these seven years until just recently when I purchased some from the store.  His eyes lit up and he actually said, "Ooooo! I LOVE rice pudding!"  Love?  Love?!?  That's my favorite word!  I have a Love Radar!  When I hear that word I perk… Read more

Breakfast In Bed  

The midnight oil burns fast when there is work to be done!  Three a.m. comes quickly and without permission.  So does 7 a.m...but no complaints here.  I woke up to a bouncy, happy nine-year-old son with a grin from ear-to-ear and a pile of peanut butter and strawberry jam saltine cracker sandwiches for breakfast. The jam was everywhere.  So cute...I asked him if he would join me and take a sandwich for himself.  He… Read more

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